Nablopomo Day 27 Gardening

Victor_Gabriel_Gilbert_GardeningBlogHer Writing Prompt: Do you enjoy gardening? Do you keep a garden? Tell us about it.

When it comes to other people’s plants I have a green thumb. I’ll take care of it like no one’s business. Heck it ain’t dying on my watch! Unless of course the plant belongs to me, then my thumb turns black. I don’t know what it is I just seem to forget to water them. Firstly I live in a condo building so the question of ‘gardening’ is out. Secondly even in the condo rarely do I keep plants because they attract bugs. Little insects will appear out of nowhere. I don’t mind the harmless tiny lady bug looking ones, but my fear is those little things will attract my nemesis. Spiders. Yes, I am deathly arachnophobic.

Cactus (cacti?) plants are probably more suited to me for the fact they need watering once a month (right?). The irony is my name means evergreen tree in Persian. I have always had an affinity towards trees and flowers, but more to look at than take care of. It’s a simple responsibility really I am surprised I get by raising my own kid. Well there have been days where I forgot to give her lunch. It’s a good thing my husband is aware of my zoning out behaviour. That usually happens when I’m writing. I shut the world out. My husband and daughter could be yelling in my face but I won’t hear them.

There is a giant planter out in the balcony of my new apartment. Maybe it’s a hint to start over and plant something. Perhaps I could grow herbs. Suggestions for easy breezy non-fussy plants welcome.

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