Nablopomo Day 25 Nepal Earthquake

nepalNepal was hit with a devastating earthquake on Saturday, the worst of its kind in the last 80 years. It had a magnitude of 7.8. Over 1800 people are dead and the death toll is still rising. The earthquake struck near the capital city of Kathmandu and majority of the deaths are from there and the surrounding valley. Close to 5000 people are said to be injured. The quake set off a series of avalanches in Mount Everest and Northern India. Tibet and Bangladesh were also affected.

The news today took me back to October 8th 2005, when Pakistan administered Kashmir was hit with a 7.6 magnitude earthquake killing over 75000 people and displacing 3.5 million from their homes. This was Pakistan’s worst natural disaster and South Asia’s strongest earthquake in 100 years. 16000 children died as their schools collapsed on them. The whole country united along with the world to send care packages. I remember volunteering to put relief boxes together. It was a humbling experience to see a country otherwise riddled with political strife, come together for one purpose. A year later I also had a chance to visit Muzaffarabad, the capital where disaster struck the worst. I’ll never forget standing at an altitude of this mountainous terrain town, looking down at a void a foot away. That part of the mountain had collapsed and it was nothing more than rubble, where once the rest of the thriving village used to be.

Tragedy has struck Nepal. I hope we all can do our part to aide them in the best way.

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