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I was emotionally assaulted today, hearing news of two deaths; one fictional and the other a tragic reality.

Fictional: (spoiler alert)

I consider myself a very loyal person, to friends, family and even to people in a made up world. There are a few shows in my life that I allowed myself to get emotionally invested in and stuck by them through Emmy worthy scenes to downright writer’s strike moments. From Who’s the Boss, Star Trek TNG, Murder She Wrote, Quantum Leap, Friends, Sex and the City and Gilmore Girls, these network shows connected with me as I entered various phases of my life.

I have been faithfully watching Grey’s Anatomy for the last 10 years. Every week I would get my cry face fix. Each episode was an emotionally cathartic experience for me. It is my first doctor show and I loved it from the beginning. When Shonda Rhimes bade farewell to Cristina Yang, I didn’t think it was possible for me to continue on with the show. How could you have an episode without Mer & Yang’s 30 second dance party? But I stuck by Grey’s because that is what I do; through thick and thin. But today watching them pull the plug on Derek, I was an emotional mess. It was a culmination of a couple of things, not all related to the loss of a beloved character.

1. Hospital death scenes still remind me of losing my grandmother and 2. A talented individual from my native country was taken from us today, far too early.


Sabeen Mahmud, a human rights advocate in Pakistan was vocal about bringing positive change to society. She was the founder and director of The Second Floor (T2F) café, a first of its kind for Pakistan. It is a community space meant for artists, writers, musicians, performers, technophiles, activists or anyone who wishes to speak out and educate for improvement. It serves as a platform for all and at its bare minimum a place to simply socially engage. Sabeen was shot dead by unidentified gun men after returning from an event she hosted on ‘Unsilencing Balochistan’ speaking out on the disappearances of many Balochi’s. Her mother accompanying her was also shot and is in critical care. I pray for her recovery and hope Sabeen’s life was not lost in vain. I did not know her personally, but her work, her platform, her voice must continue. It is tragic when a country like Pakistan, which so desperately needs a revolution, has its vehicles of change brutally taken. But we must not let these vile fear mongering, murdering cowards slow down the movement for positive change. Brave souls have started the wheels turning, let’s be the brave souls to pick up its speed. Rest in peace Sabeen.

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