Dear Husband

Dear Husband,
We survived ten years. Not that I ever doubted it. It’s just at the age of 26 a decade had the heaviness of a thousand years. We witnessed multiple relationships come together and end within this time. It seemed like a make it or break it number. I want to sing out loud “Looks like we’ve made it!” but I don’t want to be naive. I want to say these ten years flew by, but let’s be real. Each year took effort. Each year has a value and weight because of the hardwork we put in. Many days you were putting in all the work. Many days I was. We both made sacrifices. Then there were those seamless days when we were in sync like clock-work. But isn’t that what marriage is? It ebbs and flows like waves in the ocean. Sometimes still and calm. Sometimes stormy, crashing down and swallowing you whole. It can feel like you’re drowning until you discover you can in fact breathe. You finally open your eyes to what lies beneath the surface and see the treasure that sits at the bottom of the ocean. Mysteries are unfolded, doubts are allayed.

Our ten years have been full of love, laughter and loss. We both lost family members that meant the world to us. We lost our unborn children. I had to lean on you the most during those times. And I’m sorry if I changed and donned armour of cold steel. It was the only way I knew how to survive. But you still never let go of my hand. We’ve also had so much joy. Our beautiful daughter and son have taught us to love unconditionally and to live through their curious and creative minds. They are a product of our love and the source of our energy. When those dark clouds are upon us I only need to look at them and see you reflected in their eyes, in their smile and a ray of light escapes through the haze

You and I are not perfect for each other. We challenge each other constantly. But we recognized something in each other’s hearts and there was no turning back. Every day I thank God for blessing me with this life, with you as my partner. We have learned so much from each other, from our strengths and weaknesses. These crucial first ten years have laid the groundwork for a strong foundation. Each additional decade of our marriage will be built on this. It will be an indestructible force to last a lifetime.
I promise to continue to love you, be loyal to you and to never stop putting in the hardwork. I appreciate everything that you do for me and this family. I promise never to take you for granted. If this continues to be reciprocated, then guess what dear husband? You’re stuck with me forever. How does that sound? 😊
Your Wife
Ps: here’s a tissue.
(Shouldve asked Kleenex for a sponsorship 😁)
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