Day 2: We thought we would ease into the disney experience by taking a short break and checking out #seaworld The little guy loves the water and was thoroughly fascinated by the beautiful creatures he saw. Compared to Magic Kingdom this visit had a more leisurely pace. It was peaceful watching recently rehabilitated manatees swim about. But when it came to watching the #dolphin #sealion and #killerwhale shows I couldn’t help but feel unnerved especially with the backlash SeaWorld received after the documentary #blackfish and the recent announcement that they will be ending the orca shows. As far as I know it’s always been a respected zoological institution invested in conservation and rehabilitation of animals. So I am glad they plan on moving away from the song/dance/trick routine of these kind of shows and encourage more educational experiences. A place that has opened my daughter’s eyes to the world of marine biology needs to exist. And so we must demand more responsibility from them by choosing learning experiences over “entertainment”. I can’t believe it took me so long to realise this. A lesson learned indeed.

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