Magic Kingdom: The Princesses 

​DisneyWorld Day 1: Magic Kingdom

Feb 2017

The time she met The Princesses. I couldn’t even fit them all in this collage. We managed to get a last minute booking at Cinderella’s castle. It was quite the royal fair. We were clearly under dressed due to the unexpected nature of the evening. Reservations at this restaurant inside the castle get booked months in advance. I followed some good advice and checked for last minute cancellations and voila a party for 4 opened up that same evening. 

 I only had to endure my daughter’s dirty looks for a moment before she became too starstruck to care about what she was wearing! Although she kept flipping her hair to make sure it was just right before meeting her beloved princesses.

She doesn’t know yet but there is a royal princess transformation in store for her in a couple of days. Stay tuned. 

For those of you who already read this post on Facebook, I thought I would try to get active on the blog directly since it has been a while. Thanks for your patience! I’m going to try to continue our Disneyworld updates here. 

There is so much happening it’s hard to share everything so I’ll start with the highlights.

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