Magic Kingdom (again!)

Day 3. There was no way we were going to be satisfied with just one day at Disney world’s Magic Kingdom park. It was my daughter’s mission (heavily influenced by her father) to check off every ride/experience the park had to offer. Between the inlaws and us that just about makes 6.5 people (little guy barely makes half a person hehe) we were able to do everything in two days. We would reach the park just as the gates opened at 9 am and leave when the gates closed at 9 pm. By the time we reached the resort we were staying at we were thoroughly exhausted but oh so happy. How could you not be in such a magical place? The highlights for me were going on a special breakfast date with my daughter at Beast’s castle, also known as the Be Our Guest restaurant. True to Disney style the place was detailed exactly like the animated movie from the grand hall with the opulent chandeliers to the magical rose. The restaurant was an exhibit in itself. After a lovely breakfast we took part in Enchanted Tales with Belle. This was an interactive experience with the audience play-acting the story of Beauty & the Beast and performing it for Belle herself. This is a must visit for anyone planning a Magic Kingdom trip. 

My daughter’s all time favourite princesses these days are Moana and Merida. And though she was ecstatic to meet the rest. She could not wait to meet these two. So imagine our surprise when we couldn’t find ANYTHING listed for Moana. Perhaps the movie is too new for the exhibits to be ready yet but I was adamant to find her somehow. Then there was Merida. She too was not readily available for a meet and greet. Turns out her schedule was intermittent and it depended on your luck. On the second day at Magic kingdom we indeed got lucky and found Merida. She was really a pleasure to chat with. Somehow seemed a lot more genuine than the slightly more snootier princesses. They were sweet but in that overly sugary tone. 

Lastly we caught the afternoon parade which was an amazing show of the fantasy land princesses. And then at night the light show projection on Cinderella’s castle was simply beautiful. It was an outdoor cinematic viewing experience like no other; Followed by fantastic fireworks! 

At any given moment Magic Kingdom had something special going on and you truly feel as if it is just for you. 

Now that we’ve checked off the largest of the Disneyworld parks time to move on to Hollywood Studios! 

…. i hear there is a lot of force there.

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