Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Day 4: Hollywood Studio’s

Out of all of Disney’s theme parks this was one my husband and I were looking forward to the most. Gee I wonder why?

Here is a hint…

Yeah we are super geeky that way. I love it. So of course it was only natural that we pass on the force to our children. We’ve done a pretty good job with our daughter. The force is strong in that one. Our son, well we did try to indoctrinate him in utero via the Star Wars themed baby shower the hubby threw for me (I have to update you with a post. He really went all out on that. Props to the man on his detailing!) Only time will tell how our padwans turn out.

Speaking of which, the first thing we did on entering the park was register our daughter for Jedi Training. Yes you heard me correctly. How cool is that right? This was the highlight of the day for me. Each session has a group of kids in little robes and light sabers shown three basic fighting moves which they get to show off in a live skit. Guess who they have to fight from taking them to the dark side? None other than Darth Vader. So exciting!!

Please see the cutest little Princess Leia in action.

(In case the clip doesnt load you can watch it on Instagram @drivingmsdesi )

Shazdeh was in her element. She took the role quite seriously. Kylo Ren also made an appearance. This was the most interactive experience at the park and a must for all kids ages 4+

Another old school favourite was behind the scenes with Indiana Jones. This too was interactive as extras get chosen from the audience to participate in a live action scene with plenty of stunts. Guess who was ecstatic to get selected? My husband. Let’s just say my daughter doesn’t get her attention seeking diva behaviour from her mother (well maybe a little…)

It seems even Disney recognised star power in both father and daughter because as we entered the theatre to watch the live action play of Beauty & the Beast, Shazdeh and Omar were asked if they would like to come up on stage to interact with the host pre-show. It turned out to be a sweet recognition to all fathers and their daughters. Omar was handed a rose to give to Shazdeh. It was such a touching moment. The entire audience melted and I had to wipe away a tear or two.

Boy did we have a jam packed day! There was a Frozen live Sing a long, we even met Olaf, did a voyage under the sea with ariel and met plenty of characters from Disney jr (Jake, Sophia, Doc McStuffins). But a most unexpected interaction was a meet and greet with none other than Shazdeh’s favourite princess Moana!! There was nothing posted on the schedule and we had searched all the other parks for anything Moana related and pretty much gave up assuming it was too early for a themed attraction as the movie is still fairly new. Dreams really do come true at Disney! Shazdeh was star struck. This was definitely the highlight of her day.

Finally we ended the evening with a wonderous light show conducted by Mickey Mouse called Fantasmic as well as a spectacular Star Wars galactic fireworks extravaganza! Both were incredible and mesmerizing to watch. It was the best lights show of all the parks so far.

Hollywood Studio’s that’s a wrap!

Keep on following for more of our Disneyworld adventures in Orlando, Florida. Up next…Epcot centre and a Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo surprise! 😉

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