The Gilmore Girls are back and my love for Netflix just got real. 

So this happened yesterday!! Only for my love of all things Gilmore would I wait in line for an hour and a half with my lil guy in tow and the sun on our backs to get (free) coffee. But really it was all about the photo opp. This was as close to Luke’s as I was going to get. (Much love to the barista’s at Infuse Café)

After all that waiting however they ran out of the Luke sleeve!! Thinking this was just bad luck as I approached my turn they ran out of the Lorelai quote cup!! 

I didnt even have time to process my utter disappointment (the frothy expletives about to spill over) because the absolute sweetheart in front of me gave up her cup and handed it over to ME! So surprised was I that I was unable to convey my appreciation enough. So if you happen to read this good samaritan…I am sending loads of positive karma your way! 

And as for you dearest Netflix…oh how I love thee for bringing back Gilmore Girls. You dont know how much this show means to me. Whenever I was down and out Rory and Lorelai knew exactly how to lift me up and transport me to the world of Stars Hollow. I have laughed with you, cried with you and drunk copious cups of coffee with you.

I have managed to pass on the same gilmore love to my daughter who binged watched the show with me when she was 3 !! She learned the theme song and added coffee to her vocabulary. She’s the Rory to my Lorelai.

When I told her about the Gilmore Girls Revival episodes she shrieked with glee jumping up and down in excitement, conveying through her movements exactly how I was feeling. Oh to be that young again where expressing emotions using all of you; the pure physical joy, is second nature. Too soon the shackles of conscientious lock you down. Outward expression is internalised until one day you discover writing and say Hey! READ MY UNABASHED JOY!! THE GILMORE GIRLS ARE COMING BACK TO TOWN ON NETFLIX NOVEMBER 25th 2016!!!

Ps: Netflix, is it possible to crush on a streaming service? Because I love you. You seem to know how I am feeling and know what I want to watch. It’s like you’re in my mind. Let’s not play games anymore. It’s time to confront our feelings. I think it’s time for a commitment. My husband doesn’t need to know. Let me join your stream team. The hours I binge watch you some might say is ridiculous but I say it’s passionate. The least I could do is write about it. Insert cute smiley face. 

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  1. Salma 6 October, 2016 / 3:39 pm

    Looks like a fun time. I can’t tell you how excited I am for the Gilmore Girls!

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