NaBloPoMo Day 9 A Grey Day

clouds-201176_640I woke up to a grey day; the sky hidden behind dirty clouds. If you have ever pre-rinsed laundry by hand and let them soak in a tub then you’ve seen the water turn a certain hue. That was the colour of the shade cast on my day. The rain couldn’t decide if it wanted to spit or pour. The wind had a chill which meant winter didn’t get the memo; it wasn’t supposed to torment us any more. It’s April for God sake. The showers I understand. The cold that enters your bones is the one thing I can’t bear. With the weather the way it was, I wasn’t surprised when I had two strange encounters with eccentric women, outside.

The first crept up to me by the bus shelter, cheery and sweet she asked if I could help her. Her one arm was twisted in an awkward position, she must have broken it but that wasn’t her worry. She asked for two dollars for bus fare, she was in a hurry. I didn’t have any change but found a bus token and happily obliged for her free ride. Immediately her expression changed to despair as she said “no, no I need the two dollars” and continued to stare. I told her this was all I had. She grabbed the token and scampered away. She ran passed the bus, to my dismay.

The second, a heavier set woman ramped onto the bus in a motorized condition. She adjusted her vehicle to fit in the handicap area and glared at my daughter for sitting in the priority section. “You better remove that child, if an elderly needs it” she scowled unnecessarily. I looked around at the empty bus and said “sorry, yes of course”, invariably. A few stops in the woman spoke once more this time to berate why my child’s boots were touching the seat and not the floor. “You know that’s a $245 fine, you better move that child’s feet”. This time I didn’t respond this woman couldn’t be beat.

I got off the bus with my dear daughter, relieved to be home and far away from what I hoped was just one strange day.


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    • Sanober Bukhari 10 April, 2015 / 7:37 pm

      haha yes as soon as i vented.. the sun came out! 🙂

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