NaBloPoMo Day 4 – Kenya


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The headline read “at least 147 dead”. A familiar anxiety took over. I felt like I had been here before.

They were students. Massacred by an extremist militant group, Al-Shabab. Shot, ruthlessly.

This wasn’t Peshawar, Pakistan on Dec 16th where 147 children were slain in their school. This was Garrissa, Kenya on April 3rd where college students were asked to come out of hiding in the name of mercy only to be shot in the head.

When Pakistan’s future bled the world stayed quiet. Now Kenya is bleeding and the world remains silent.

As a Pakistani I share your pain; as a mother I can imagine your shattered heart; as a citizen of humanity I am outraged at the world for not taking action. But, I too have failed you for not speaking out.

I speak out now. How many of our dead children will it take? in how many cities of how many countries? Till our oceans are crimson with the blood of a lost generation?

Kenya I cry with you. I will not bow down to apathy. #KenyaUnbowed

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