Nablopomo Day 29 divine dinner recipes

Spicy Shredded Beef

Spicy Shredded Beef

My cousin has a food blog called Flour & Spice and the recipes on there are absolutely delicious. She’s got a mix of South Asian and Western cuisine, covering both savoury and sweet. The best part is her recipes are simple to follow and gets you the result you want.

I have an odd relationship with cooking. I do enjoy cooking and baking quite a bit but only when it’s out of choice rather than necessity, which is why I tend to enjoy baking more since no one ever died because there wasn’t dessert (some will beg to differ). My problem is I really should be planning my meals. I end up waiting till the last minute and make do with whatever is around. Not exactly the motivation I need to enjoy the creating process (which is the main reason I enjoy cooking when I am in the right frame of mind for it).

For the first time on Monday I actually planned out what to make for Tues and Wed. I wanted something with spice and tang, the right mix to make my palate dance. I immediately went to Sarah’s blog and pulled out one tried recipe and one that I’ve had but never made myself. I made sure to get the ingredients for both recipes so I wouldn’t have any excuse.

The Chicken in a Spicy Cilantro Sauce is a guaranteed YUM. It turned out even better than the first time I tried it out.

But tonight I felt I totally triumphed (I have a beef bias!) because the Spicy Shredded Beef had me and my husband drooling. It absolutely hit the spot.

I strongly urge you to try both of these recipes.

Hmm..I think I’m going to go have seconds.

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