Nablopomo Day 22 The Writing Desk

deskoverlookingwater - bobvilaSince moving into our new place the area that excites me most is the den. We live in a two bed condo in the city; a den usually means a little stretch of hallway and Tada! Welcome to shoe box city. Alright this new place isn’t too shabby compared to our previous residence. The den may have been larger there but that belonged to our lion cub. She doesn’t like to share. Here, our little one has her own bedroom so I can call the den my dedicated area to do what I please. And I please to make it my home office/writing space.

As per this National Blog Post Month theme, my mission is to grow my writing. Step one was to join this challenge to discipline myself to write daily. Step 2 is to create a personal space solely for the purpose of writing. A corner of solitude where I can let my thoughts roam free. I figure if I finally have a place to write I will no longer have an excuse not to write. I procrastinate all day long so hope to create a sanctuary tempting enough to pull my muse from slumber to inspire me.

This is what the space currently looks like, taken over by chaos and clutter.


The first thing I obviously need is a desk and a chair. One day I shall have the sprawling oak desk facing a large bay window overlooking a body of water or plenty of foliage(but not the creepy cabin in the woods kind), surrounded by floor to ceiling bookshelves all filled with books of every genre. The room would be moisture controlled to ensure there is no yellowing of pages. A mini fridge/pantry under the desk and at perfect arms reach would have to be fully stocked at any given time. A chaise lounge chair would be nice for naps. (For somebody who doesn’t like to nap I seem to be enjoying the idea of it). Who am I kidding, by the time I get to that stage in life, technology would have advanced to such a point the room I described would be archaic and a setting for a holodeck (ref: Start Trek TNG- if you don’t know what I am talking about then I…I have no words).

In the meantime, I promise I shall salvage you dear den. We’re going to create music you and I. And if nothing comes of it, at least you’ll still be a place to nap.


PS: any suggestions for nice yet affordable and comfortable office furniture for small spaces? (available in Canada)

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  1. Liesl Garner 23 April, 2015 / 11:37 am

    Congratulations on having a goal of growing your writing. I was just writing today about “Why I Write,” or “Why I Blog,” and it was an internal discussion worth having.

    Daily writing is so important – whether you have a desk or not – just getting into the routine that your brain has something it’s thinking, and the only way to feel balance in your life is to give that thought a place to land – on the page or on the screen.

    You reminded me of some great writing advice from Neil Gaiman – here is a link to it – I hope you will find it entertaining and inspiring!

    Good luck to you!

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