Nablopomo Day 21 A City Crush

Skyline_of_Toronto_viewed_from_HarbourI love living downtown. The city with its hustle bustle, diversity and metropolis charm appeals to me in a way no suburban ever could. You never feel alone because there are always people around. Some may see that as a downside, but I thrive off it. Even if I am sitting alone in our condo it is of great reassurance to me that I can access life outside our building. Some may find silence and the sound of crickets chirping peaceful. My equivalent of that is the hum of cars driving by, the blare of sirens in the distance. It is freeing knowing you can walk out and find yourself caught in the pulse of the city.

I suspect our recent move to a new condo has rekindled my city crush. Despite being a couple of subway stations north of where we used to be the neighbourhood and landscape have changed. The foot traffic is slower and the demographic mix different; a whole new area to discover and explore. It excites me at the prospect of checking out different coffee shops and food places nearby to decide which will be my regular go-to. I already found a place that serves freshly baked chocolate croissants and fresh orange juice only at a certain time in the morning and it is perfectly enroute to dropping my daughter off to school (which is to say I usually grab it after I drop her off and indulge by myself. Nobody touches my choc croissant in the mornings, especially not the grabbing paws of my 4 year old!)

So that is my ode to the city for today. Until tomorrow.

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