Nablopomo Day 20 Spring


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BlogHer Writing prompt: Set a spring resolution: What is one thing you’re going to do differently this spring to grow as a blogger?

Well if there is one thing that writing daily for the last 20 days has taught me, it’s that readers like consistency. When I started this blog I wasn’t really sure what I was doing. I was directionless and honestly very intimidated by the mommy blogging world. It still is overwhelming at times.

I was posting irregularly and it slowly dropped down to the bottom of my checklist. I got occupied in a couple of projects and used it as an excuse to not have ‘time’ to work on it.

But something happened this spring. I got off my butt. For one year I had been complaining how I hated the website layout and couldn’t take the blog forward unless there was a complete makeover. I couldn’t find the right look and feel and wasted hours thinking about it without any action. Finally fed up I made something happen. Although it is still not what I imagined it at the very least is a lot more organized. It’s a start, something to work with.

National Blog Post Month has been the exact challenge I needed to get disciplined. I plan to keep up this momentum; perhaps not daily but definitely a lot more consistently than the days prior to this challenge.

So with this can do attitude I hope I have started spring on the right foot.

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