Nablopomo Day 19 Did she sleep through the night?

question-mark-460864_640Thought I would update you since the previous post. (See Nablopomo day 18 Sleeping Baby)

Well she did it. She stuck it out the whole night in her own bedroom for the first time. I have never been so proud of my little girl.

After waiting around till 1 am to see if she would walk out of her room in protest, I succumbed to sleep.

At 3:30 am I heard her persistent cough and blurry eyed rushed through the living room to her side. She was sitting up but the moment she saw me insisted I lay down next to her. This was a little tricky and a lot uncomfortable in her single mattress toddler bed. But after 4 years of manoeuvring around her to materialize non existent space, I could do this in my sleep (literally).

15 minutes of patting her back later I was surprised that I hadn’t passed out myself. Luckily she returned to her slumber so I with great stealth sneaked out of her room.

Back in my own bed my eyelids could not have been closed for more than two minutes, when I felt a tiny hand gently touch my face. With difficulty I managed to open one eye to see my wide eyed girl smiling back at me.
But I just put her to bed, I thought.

As I was about to get up she spoke and all I heard was music.

“Mama, it’s morning time. Wake up!”

I turned onto my stomach shielding my eyes from the 6 am sunlight, pushed my husband and grunted “your turn” before falling back asleep.

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