Nablopomo Day 17 Biryani

student biryani www.drivingmsdesi.comThere is something deeply satisfying about sitting on your couch at midnight with a bowl of biryani and a laptop, while the rest of the house is asleep. For those who have never heard of biryani, it is a staple food item in any South Asian home. An aromatic rice dish cooked in many spices, it can be made with chicken, beef, lamb, fish, vegetables and even just egg (basically whatever is available). Although a serious biryani lover once told me it has to be chicken or go home. Back in Pakistan, we used to eat this at least once a week and I never thought much of it either way. Sure it appealed to my taste buds but I wouldn’t count it in my top 5 foods. Since moving to Toronto however, the inconsistent access to this now nostalgic delicacy has left me wanting. I have not attempted to make it myself because why ruin a good memory.

Luckily for us brown folk, in particular the Karachiites a familiar chain has opened in Mississauga, serving this vied for culinary creation; none other than Student Biryani. Practically an institution in Karachi, they have been making and delivering the best biryani for ages. I can’t believe they’ve set up shop here in Canada as well. If you have not visited it you must. You can sit down and order or better yet choose from their various BUCKET sizes to go. I mean a bucket full of biryani? Come on… it’s ingenious.

I swear this post is not sponsored. But seriously somebody tell them about it so I can get on a bucket loyalty program.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to type and stuff my face at the same time. Rice is getting stuck in my keys. Dammit.


Nom nom nom…

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