Nablopomo Day 16


Today was another tiring day. Im exhausted and all I did was pack boxes. Hubby on the other hand did all the grunt work with the assistance of a friend (thank you E). This included loading and unloading the Uhaul, arranging (and rearranging) the furniture under my type A direction. All the while keeping the 4 year old entertained. I guess that means I should be extra nice to him. But you get the gist, a long day for all of us.

Of course the most frustrating part is the internet is not set up as yet. I am writing a post from my phone for the first time. Lets see how this wordpress app performs.

I am a creature of habit most days, especially when it comes to writing. I need my laptop.  My fingers feel at home resting on the keys. So it’s a vit of a surprise that typing with my thumbs for something longer than an email or text is actually not too bad. Good to have this option as a standby.

Anyhoo I am boring myself to sleep.  Have you ever typed a post directly from your phone? What are your thoughts on it?

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