Nablopomo Day 14 Late

wpid-20150415_103429.jpgI’m late, I’m late, I’m late! My dog ate my homework. Err, my daughter deleted my post. My laptop crashed AND my not-so-smart phone spontaneously combusted! No? Alright, the truth is I passed out like a just fed newborn. My writing sweet spot starts at about 1030/11pm and I was out cold by 10 pm. I think it vaguely occurred to me to get my day 14 post out but I just couldn’t get my eyes to open. This second day of packing required quite the physical exertion. My mission was the kitchen. Intimidated by all the pots, pans, dishes and even random stuff that came out of those cupboards yet excited to have a couple of ‘cook-free’ days which meant ordering in some goodies. Last night I had major craving for fried chicken. My husband ran out to get us some Popeyes. YUM. We ate dinner at 530pm which is an unusually early time for us. We’re more of a 730/8 pm eater. By the time I put my daughter to bed, I was soon snoozing after.

Sorry to those who were looking out for this post yesterday but I will make it up to you by making sure you get two right away! Since I’m here on the laptop, I may as well get to work on the next post. Guilt is a wonderful motivator.

See you in a few words!

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