NaBloPoMo Day 10 Growing Up nablopomo day 10 growing upMy daughter made me a grandmother today. (No, not really she’s only 4!) But she sat her father and me down and put on a story for us. She detailed how she met a boy named Manny Doso (imaginary) with white eyes and black skin. She proclaimed he was her one true love and they were getting married. She gave him a kiss and instantly they became husband and wife. A second later my daughter grabs a little doll; puts her behind her back as she juts her tummy out. “What are you doing?” I asked her. “I am having a baby because we’re married”. Astonished I watched as she explained it was time for the baby to come so she had to go to Dr.Mindy (if you missed my earlier post read here). She pulls the baby out from behind her back and says “Here you go mama, you’re a grandmother now.”

Before this scenario she kept asking me when she was going to get a little sister. Awkward. She must have gotten sick of waiting and figured she’ll solve this problem herself.

Every child has a phase in the early years about playing house. I think I was 7 when I first imagined being a mommy. It’s all part of a natural process, an innate awareness I suppose. Sure it’s all cute right now but it was definitely a wake-up call for both me and my husband. Our little girl is growing up fast. Before we know it she’ll be an adult while we’re left wondering where our baby went.

This serves as a reminder for me to live in the present, to enjoy being in my daughter’s presence rather than looking at her through a camera lens. The memory stays far longer when you’re an active part of it.

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