Jake and The Neverland Pirates: The Birthday Cakes

jakeandtheneverlandpiratescake www.drivingmsdesi.comTalk about trying to out delay the previous birthday post. It has now been 6 months since my daughter’s 3 rd birthday party and today I decide to share with you one of my top accomplishments to date. I am easily distracted. Look a squirrel! In case you have not had a chance to read the intro to the first birthday party post, please click the following:

Jake and the Neverland Pirates: The Birthday Invitation

So now that you have read it, you will know my daughter insisted on having a Jake themed birthday and I encouraged her by trying to be mama extraordinaire and make whatever I could. Although thank you #partycity for providing the tableware. As soon as the theme was decided, there was nothing that stressed me more than the idea of making her cake. I wasn’t worried about the hand made treasure map invitations, the painted cut outs (thank you cousin AB for helping out!), the pirate ship walk the plank (yes we had an actual plank) or the food. It goes without saying I had a fantastic assistant also known as my husband to help. What scared me was putting together an edible, decorative layered cake and by cake I meant TWO. We were hosting back to back parties, one for the school friends and the other for family and friends. In my mind both parties deserved equal attention so no way was I going to buy a cake for one and make one for the other. See how much I love all of you.

I have made a couple of cakes in the past which have turned out fairly decent but they never really looked that great. I have seen some awesome looking birthday cakes so I really wanted to try using fondant to give it a better look. Also thanks to Cake Boss I wanted to prove to myself that I could attempt something possibly out of my reach. Of course as my husband will tell you, the more difficult a task seems to me the more bull headed about it I will be. Nothing can stand in my way, well possibly failure but I figured I had a healthy enough ego to handle it. So there I go piling on more stress.

Next anxiety inducing query- when was the best time to make the cakes? because life isn’t difficult enough I thought the later I make it the more fresh and palate pleasing it will be. That meant making both cakes the night before the party. Call me crazy but I thought there was nothing insane about putting in a straight 12 hours of baking 7 layers, making lots of icing, rolling out fondant and creating tiny props for the two cakes. I went to bed in the wee hours, deliriously tired but pleased. Those of you who saw me in my disheveled state the next day, well now you know why.

Alright enough building up. Let me present to you my toughest baking challenge yet!

Jake & The Neverland Pirate Birthday Cakes

 jakeandtheneverlandpiratescake www.drivingmsdesi.com

Recipe for “The Best Chocolate Cake (Ever)” courtesy of Add a Pinch

izzy the pirate cake www.drivingmsdesi.com

Recipe for “The Best White Cake (Ever)” courtesy of Add a Pinch

I can’t take credit for the character figurines because well then Disney would sue me! Ha. But thank God for those cake toppers. I certainly wasn’t going to attempt fondant people, that is a challenge for another day. I am not sure if I would embark on the over ambitious cake challenge again. Clearly I got “baked” out because I have not made any dessert whatsoever since. Maybe as her 4th birthday rolls around in another 6 months, I may be inspired or ….may be not.

The recipes I used are linked above and true to their names they really did turn out yummy. Since I shall leave the food blogging to the experts, you’ll just have to follow the recipe above and trust me it will come out awesome. If I can do it, so can you! 🙂


jake and the neverland pirates www.drivingmsdesi.com

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