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Talking about 3 things that have been on your mind (but doesn’t require a dedicated post for each!)


 A wonderful way to share tips, ideas and tell us what you have been obsessing about this past week & make new friends!

Thing 1: Hello Again

I am back! I was in Karachi for the summer and then got caught up with the back to school routine. I hope to be better organized moving forward and join in with you guys more often. I also tend to say more than I can do. Well, correction I put it on my internal list of “things to do”, you know the one that pops out like a cash register just as you are about to fall asleep, and then you tell yourself it will be done tomorrow, and it doesn’t only to haunt you again the next night? Sigh. My saving grace here is I have a track record of getting things done on that list. If something is on it, it will eventually get done. Alright so how’s that for a rant on…I don’t even know.

If you were following my blog’s facebook page, which incidentally is way more active than the actual blog it is meant to support, then you know we had a lovely summer. I mean it is the motherland, so of course it will be great. Despite the apprehensions of travelling to the “third world” it will always be home and it sure is nice to get pampered 24/7 not having to worry about who is taking care of the kid. I am pretty sure there were many occasions where I forgot I had a child. Who are you talking about? Ahh yes it was nice. But it is also nice to be back to one’s own everyday routine, because  believe it or not 2 months of doing absolutely nothing can get to you. So this is my Thing 1 folks. Hello!

Thing 2: TIFF


The Toronto International Film Festival is something I have been dreaming about going to since I was in university. Except the first week of school always coincided with the festival schedule. Since my school was in Hamilton it wasn’t exactly a hop and skip away. So when we moved to Toronto 2 years ago I thought I would literally be living at the film venues either for the movies or the celebrity stalking. Of course that didn’t happen and it went on my “list”. I did manage to score a ticket to ONE film last year. Everything else that I wanted to watch was sold out. This year, sitting in Karachi I was online the day the tickets were made available, and just to make sure I didn’t miss out I bought one of the TIFF Packages which chooses 3 premier movies for you. This guaranteed watching films with celebrity attendance.  Considering it was a random selection, all three movies were great experiences.

Film: The Reach
Celebrity drool: Micheal Douglas

Film Interview: In Conversation with Jon Stewart
Celebrity drool: Jon Stewart & Jian Gomeshi

Film: Still Alice
Celebrity drool: Julianne Moore & Kate Bosworth

Michael Douglas was charming. Jon Stewart was hilarious. Julianne Moore was absolutely breath taking. Her film affected me the most. It is about a professor of linguistics who develops Early-Onset Alzheimer, a form of Dementia. Until this movie I was unaware that you could get it as early as your 40’s and this particular type is familial/genetic. My late Dadi (paternal grandmother) suffered through dementia which ultimately took her life, so it was an eye opener for me in terms of the stigma associated with diseases of the brain. This is something that deserves a dedicated post so I will be returning to discuss it further another day. In the meantime I urge you all to watch Still Alice when it comes out in mainstream theaters. Oscar nod for Ms. Moore for sure.

Thing 3: Running for the Cure


This October the hubby and I will be participating in the CIBC Run for the Cure for Breast Cancer as well the Scotiabank Charity Challenge for Lung Cancer Canada. These causes are close to our hearts with family members having suffered and currently battling it. Both runs are for 5 kilometers each however since the birth of my daughter I have not exactly been in the best of shape. She’s 3 years old and I can no longer use “post-baby” weight as an excuse! So these race’s have inspired me to get fit and my more than eager hubby has become my drill sergeant getting me to follow the P90X3 routine. If you have heard of this work out series you know it leaves your body BROKEN. The exercises itself are intense but simple enough to follow through, however the pain follows the next day. I suppose this “teething” period will last until my stunned muscles recover, but no pain no gain right? I have a secret drawer with some pre-baby clothes I hope to get back into one day. Fingers crossed I stick it out.

If you would like to support us in our run please click on the links below to find out how to contribute. Thank You!!!

CIBC Run for the Cure- Oct 5th 2014- Donate

Scotiabank Charity Challenge for Lung Cancer- Oct 19th 2014- Donate

lung cancer canada

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  1. Salma 27 September, 2014 / 1:10 am

    Glad you had a great summer back home and happy to have you back! TIFF sounds amazing and good luck with p90x, I’ve heard it brutal. Before you know it, those pre-baby clothes will be out of the drawer and on you 🙂

  2. Heidi Strawser 27 September, 2014 / 7:54 am

    Sounds like you had a great summer! I have 2 children adopted from a third world country (Vietnam) and the two times we’ve visited I’ve been SO impressed and actually asked my hubby if we could move there!

    Good for you with the run! My cause is ovarian cancer, as I lost my best friend to it almost 5 years ago. September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month. #tealtakeover

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