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Brainchild of Nisha from  Love Laugh Mirch, Raj from Pink Chai Living & Salma from The Write Balance
Talking about 3 things that have been on your mind (but doesn’t require a dedicated post for each!)
 A wonderful way to share tips, ideas and tell us what you have been obsessing about this past week & make new friends!

Thing One


Ok so we all know HBO’s Game of Thrones returned for season 4 this past Sunday. If you weren’t aware of this then I am sorry we cannot be friends (I kid I kid). My obsession has thus returned with it. A year is too long of a gap between seasons. Seriously. Luckily there have been some UH MAZING shows to catch up on in between (we will have plenty of time to discuss those in weeks to come). For now I am happy to be getting my GoT fix on. I am a fairly new fan and only caught up to the first 3 seasons in a marathon session viewed under two weeks last year. Then I ordered the books. I am what you would call a pleasure delayer (thank you Vanilla Sky for the term). I never rush through things I enjoy, they must be savored ever so slowly thereby creating a longer period to revel in (this is a G rated conversation folks). I am the gal who hides her chocolates from binge eating hubby who gulps them down whereas it takes me an hour to eat a bite size piece. Same goes for the GoT books. I still have not finished the series released thus far because well I wanted it to last. But now that the momentum is back I will hopefully speed it along. For those of you who share the same passion, I leave you with some funnies that every fan needs to be able to bust out at a party, at a moment’s notice.

Q: What was Jaime Lannister’s favourite show growing up?

A: All in the Family

Q: What do you call it when the King of Westeros chucks a domestic appliance out the window?

A: The Iron Thrown.

Q: What stopped winter from coming?

A: Winterfell and it can’t get up!

Q: What did the railing say to the stairs?

A: A bannister always pays his steps.

Q: Why do the Lannisters have such big beds?

A: Because they push two twins together to make a king.

Source: Tumblr and Reddit

Thing 2


copyright Alexandra Guerson

Image source: Alexandra Guerson

Coffee Shops. I always used to wonder at the solitary folks sitting at espresso bars engrossed in a book, sipping their black. Or hunched over their laptops furiously typing, lapping up their lattes. Well last week I decided to join them. I recently took a writing course and the teacher (an experienced published author) advised that it is important to set time out to write everyday, regardless of what you write or how long you write. She recommended to take out 15 minutes even, but to do it consistently. So I thought I would try to maximize my time (as difficult as it is with a toddler driving you nuts all day) by utilizing the morning after dropping her highness off at pre-school. Book & laptop in hand I marched to a coffee shop to see if it was a good fit, comfort wise. Well after a couple of days I figured out my ‘spot’ and my usual ‘order’ and the barista’s started looking familiar. Of course I got caught up the rest of the week with other things so have not been able to set a regular schedule since. But I have got to say the experience was great. It’s never crazy busy during the late mornings so I can easily drown out external noise. And even when it does get packed it’s with people having quick business meetings or coffee chats and they move on. The coffee (sandwiches, butter tarts) delicious, the environment cozy and the bathrooms CLEAN, I would definitely recommend Seven Grams to anyone with a writing deadline. I actually busted out a post or two pretty fast. I need to find myself a couple of places like this in different areas on my regular route so I can pop in wherever I am for a bit of writing time. Suggestions welcome!!

Thing 3


I must admit I am the WORST at following a skin care regime. Having had an acne filled adolescence I was so sick of using all sorts of products and ingesting ‘magical’ desi totka’s (the hakim or witch doctor as I like to refer to who would conjure together vile tasting syrups to drink). None of this stuff really worked for me and one fine day when all those hormones got back on track did I break free of the acne. Of course they left their mark. On my 31st birthday after getting a facial it was pointed out that I was getting ‘fine’ lines which would become wrinkles if I didn’t take care of my skin. That is all the scare you need. So I invested in some products, however keeping in mind simplicity of routine. Maybe one day I’ll go through my routine but for now I have to tell you about something new I discovered. Us ladies all know getting facials whether at home or at a salon is very important. Especially living in this climate with the harsh cold playing havoc on your face. The enlarged pores on my massive cheeks (you have to meet me to believe me) forever collecting whatever the wind blows at you does not make for smooth glowing skin. As is the case with most of us with young ones, it is hard to find the time for those much needed facials; even putting on a mask for 45 minutes is not feasible. So I came upon Clarins Gentle Peeling Smooth Away cream. It is a light cream that you spread evenly across your face and within a minute of it drying you brush it off with your fingers. Taking away with it all the crap you didn’t even know was there. Now this is magic. It acts like a scrub without the harshness of beads. The act of rubbing it off yourself gives it a thorough feel. It’s easy and fast. Have you tried a simple to use skin care regime product? Please share!

Hope you enjoyed learning about my 3 Things this week. Looking forward to hearing about yours! Thanks for this party Love Laugh Mirch, Pink Chai Living & The Write Balance !

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  1. Arwa 11 April, 2014 / 12:58 am

    Hey Sanober, We’ve always been told that moisturisation is the most essential part in your skincare regime and guess what …its true!But let me tell you how it started…I was handed over a free sample of POND’s age miracle cream at Hyperstar which was dumped in a big bag full of makeup products hardly ever used at home.So the free sample sat in the bag for a month and one day I said hey…let’s see if it really works or not.(Plus the realization that I will be turning 30 soon and needed to start taking care of my skin before it gets worse) I started using POND’s day cream for my face and I could tell a difference in a week’s time so I continued.I use it everyday and even carry it in my bag with me.I think Ive found my simple to use skin care regime product till something better comes along 🙂

    • drivingmsdesi 11 April, 2014 / 8:43 pm

      I am realizing that now…moisturizers are our best friends.It’s nuts how fast skin deteriorates if you don’t take care of it after a certain age. sigh. Glad Pond’s working out for you.

  2. Salma 11 April, 2014 / 5:55 pm

    Thanks for linking up Sanober! Don’t unfriend me, but I haven’t’ seen game of thrones yet!! And I just checked, they don’t have it on Canada Netflix. Okay, I think I’ll have to read the books now. And thanks for the Clarins suggestion, I also have NO skin care routine and I’m in the about to get wrinkles era too.

    • drivingmsdesi 11 April, 2014 / 8:41 pm

      Game of Thrones is an HBO production.There are ways to watch it but I can’t ahem officially promote the method of such downloads 😉

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