Fashionista Fridays- The Sweater Dress copyright Sanober BukhariMy daughter somehow has stumbled upon fashion. She (usually) has a keen sense of what she thinks looks good on her. She is very conscious of what she wears or allows me to adorn on her and oh so very opinionated. If she does not like it she will scream bloody murder till it is the farthest thing in the room from her. Did I mention that she is also extremely vain? indeed her vanity knows no bounds. An accidental glimpse of her reflection in a mirror or glass cabinet door and it is like she has discovered her amour, over and over again. I completely lay blame on this last part to her grandparents, her aunt and of course her parents. Since the day she was born, as all of God’s creatures are, she too was a beauty. In the excitement of a first born we couldn’t help but stare at this miracle of life, cooing praise with each expression she made be it a smile or angry pout and even the messy spit up was thought of as cute and don’t ask what was said of her poop. This unabashed display of praise continued but we did not realize the affects of it until she started to hold conversations. At age 2+ she is spitting out sentences left right and center and almost daily her personal mantra as she examines herself in the mirror is “I am so beautiful”. She is even aware of the days when her mother looks slightly better than usual i.e. when I have showered and am out of my sweats (this does not happen too often). On those days she is thrilled as she grabs my hand and we twirl while she yells out “Look mama, we are beautiful together!”. Sigh. I shudder at the thought of what kind of values I have unintentionally instilled in my daughter. Maybe it is just the age she is at. I was never a girly girl myself growing up, so to see her represent her gender to the stereotypical T makes me a little nervous. I am thus trying to consciously add other descriptive words to her vocabulary i.e smart, strong, brave, kind and wonderful to replace the ones focused solely on her physical looks. Surprisingly it is not as easy as it sounds because our auto-response on anything she does is always ‘so cute’ or you look ‘so pretty’. But we are trying and in the meanwhile our daughter is dancing around in her tutu, singing to herself “I am smart and beautiful, so strong and amazing”. At least we don’t have to worry about self-esteem issues for now.

So without further adieu let me introduce to you a new feature called ‘Fashionista Fridays’, where I will showcase the Toddler Queen’s captured moments of stylin’. Hey, I figure may as well collect some ammo for her to use when she enters the “I hate my mother” phase for embarrassing her all of the time. Till she is an adult, I own this little baby, my constant little entertainer. copyright Sanober BukhariHappy Fashionista Friday!!! copyright Sanober Bukhari
The Sweater Dress

(Left) Dress by H&M
White Tights by H&M
Pearl necklace by unknown
Hair band by H&M
Boots by Baby Gap
Bag by Hello Kitty

(Right) Dress by Baby Gap
Hat by H&M (mama’s hat)
Shoes by Tory Burch (mama’s shoes)



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  1. Alia 20 December, 2013 / 7:01 pm

    Kids today are so much more aware of what they like and how they want to look. I think its because parents now consider their opinions much more as well. It is in fact encouraged. In my day I wasn’t given a choice for what I wore or what I ate. But I think what is happening today is better because children have a voice earlier in life – a stepping stone for greater self-confidence as they grow older. I guess for you, this is just the beginning. Good luck!

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