Fashionista Friday’s- The Holiday Dress

Preppy Chic in RufflesAnother Friday, another fashion forward femme flaunts her fluff- a two year old that is! This week we got dolled up for a couple of holiday parties and boy were we excited. If there is anything that makes my Toddler Queen feel regal and girly, it is the wonderful twirly of the party dress. The moment she wears her necklace and pearls, she wears the attitude of royalty, chin held high she walks with confidence and elegance. Ah how I envy her robust sense of self-assurance. Something to learn from, my fellow ladies and gentlemen.

At what age do we lose our self-confidence? That absolutely unfaltering faith at the reflection that stares back at us? I am talking about zero hesitation, zero doubt about the person in the mirror. None of this, “I guess I look alright, if only ‘enter body fat area’ didn’t stick out so much “. My two year old loves what she sees in a mirror, and I know I previously stated it as her vanity, but the reality is that is my ‘real-world’ tainted perspective on it. She is but an innocent babe who has no clue to what ‘vain’ means. To her the option to think anything other than something positive to describe herself simply does not exist. She sees what she feels, and she feels great!

Working on another post regarding this topic, so let’s not become a debbie downer right now. Tis the season folks. Hope you all had a wonderful week of spending time with family and friends and of course lots of eating! My daughter recently said “Eating is easy, once you know how.” A profound statement with deeper implications than my lil one realizes. But lets be merry and avoid looking at that weighing scale!

“Look for the woman in the dress. If there is no woman, there is no dress. ” Coco Chanel

Princess in White CrinkleThe Holiday DressPreppy Chic in Ruffles

(Left) Dress by Baby Gap
Tights by H&M
Hairband by unknown
Pearl necklace by unknown

(Right) Cardigan by H&M
Skirt by H&M
Hairband by H&M
Necklace by unknown
Tights by H&M

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