Mama Mantra

mother-429158_640The other day a friend said to me how she hopes one day she wakes up, looks in the mirror and loves what she sees. This friend of mine is very dear to me and without being biased, she really is a tall drink of water ;). She has two gorgeous children of course and a wonderful husband. Raising kids is no easy task indeed and us mother’s are usually too consumed by it to take time out for ourselves. But every mom needs some time, even if it is a minute out of the day, to just look at herself, love herself and tell herself that she is doing an amazing job. This made me realize that as a rule, all of us need to wake up, look in the mirror and tell that reflection the following:

“I am a HOT Mama despite the sticky fingers and food in my hair. My eyes are not tired but filled with love and incredible patience, not despair. I am a mother and this makes me STRONG. Before that I am WOMAN, beautiful all along! “

Repeat at least once every morning, no maximum dosage.

…and thus begins the Mama Mantra series. Will update with new mama mantras as they are required.



This post is dedicated to my soul sista.

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