When East (M)eats West…

seekh kabab burger and sweet potato friesMy husband and I, like most couples I would imagine, quite enjoy having…. food. Especially food that tastes good. You may find that last sentence slightly odd. I mean why would anyone eat food they did not enjoy eating? To answer that let me generalize for a moment and remind everyone of a time when they used to live (or currently do) in their parents home. At some point or another, especially during childhood we all have had food that our mother’s painstakingly made for us but it just was not something we wanted to eat. Be it the hated veggie of the day (mine was usually Gobi i.e cauliflower) or the standard chicken salan (curry/sauce) that somehow appeared too frequently in the week and was just oh so boring. There was always a dish or two not looked forward to. Maybe it was because as a kid sitting on the dinner table having been told you HAVE to eat it (warna chamaat milay ga!- best not translate this one) was cause for automatic rebellion. Or sometimes one’s palette just got too used to a certain flavour and tuned out.

I get it. Food and especially making food is tricky. More so when it comes to feeding your children. Being a mom myself , I am generally the primary chef in the household, although the hubby quite often steps in and enjoys cooking as well. I would say he has to be the best sous chef a gal could ever ask for! I do understand how easy it is to get frustrated and not know what to cook, much less feel like whipping up a Masterchef or Top Chef worthy delight and end up resorting to a standard, well chicken salan. When our daughter grows up I am sure she will probably have a list of “dreaded foods my mom made me eat”. It’s ok beti, I forgive you.

Understandably, my husband and I would like to avoid such a list and so try our best to keep at least one meal out of the day somewhat interesting (If that fails, TGFT !! Thank God for Takeout- psst I am patenting this for future restaurant business). It still could be a simple standard curry or a quick stir fry or oven baked something or another, but we will try to make sure it has some ‘flavor flav’.

My husband is like the MythBuster guys. Always likes to experiment with the most unusual combinations, probably just to prove me wrong when I give him my most skeptical look. I, on the other hand like structure and form and hence prefer to follow recipes to the T.

Our most recent joint experimentation was a fusion of eastern spices to a classic western favourite. I had defrosted some ground beef and was probably going to go the desi keema route when hubby reminded me that we had some Seekh Kabab masala so why not make that. I am generally not too big on the Shaan Masala (pre-mixed spices) but always have a couple of boxes on hand for spice emergencies. Then he proceeded to remind me that we had some sweet potatoes that we probably should use soon. (Sometimes he takes the sous chef thing a little too seriously). I was like uhh ok seekh kababs and sweet potatoes? It definitely was going to be a take out night.

Ah, but then as with the frequency of lightning striking the same place twice, the sous chef suggested something genius. Like a good lil worker, I took his genius and made something spectacular.

seekh kabab burger and sweet potato fries

Voila! May we present to you… Seekh Kabab Burgers and Sweet Potato Fries !!! Spicy as hell, tasty as sin, this devilishly delicious combination of desi spices infused into an all american burger and fries is dinner like no other. It is the illegitimate child of the Burger and the Bun Kabab (if you ever wondered what that union would lead to…come on I know you’ve thought about it). So wrong yet so good.


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