Paratha – Croissant Analogy



Random musing…

I just realized I found my ‘pardesi’ version of the typically ‘desi’ greasy hot paratha rolled with a thick spread of jam, accompanied by a hot cuppa doodh pati chai…ahh the good ol days in Karachi. After a weary day at work, tea time would be most looked forward to as you got to put your legs up and have this delicious post work day snack prepared and brought to you on a tray. #luxuries of third world life.

Sorry got lost in that thought…sigh. Coming back to my realization. My pardesi version of that is a warmed croissant, spread thickly with cream cheese and jam.  I put my feet up after making it myself, serving it to myself, eating it myself, in a corner where my toddler boss can’t see me- before quickly returning to the work day that never ends. #labours of first world life.

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