Mission Domestic Goddess…

tikigiki-people-woman-002After moving into our very first rental downtown, in the heart of the city, buzzing and bright with city sounds and lights, excitement at a new height… the sudden realization of the rental dawns upon me. GOD KNOWS HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE LIVED HERE BEFORE!! The kitchen and bathroom suddenly look like an infestation of germs as my eyes become a blue light wildly scanning every square inch, imagining the horrors that probably occurred. I made it my mission then and there, I would don the rubber gloves and take on the tasks on becoming the next domestic goddess!! 

Mission Domestic Goddess-Task 1: Scrub the entire kitchen including all contents for 8 hrs till back hurts- Accomplished.

Mission Domestic Goddess- Task 2: Scrub the bathroom and its nasty contents till sparkling clean (you know you’ve done a good job when hubby’s friend thinks you look like the cleaning lady!) – Accomplished!!

Mission Domestic Goddess- Task 3: braved the intimidating Iqbal halal meat shop for cuts cubes and pounds of meat to last months…desi masalas to fit in a dozen Ikea spice jars..curry, dhania (cilantro) patas (leaves) galore. kitchen set for a pro- Accomplished. (next task tutelage under domestic goddess chef herself my cousin Sadaf!)

Steered away from ‘The Kitchen’ and anything stereo-typically ‘Female’ during my teens and twenties, only to be found full circle IN the KITCHEN in my thirties… !! ha ha .. but already having a love affair with the OVEN… hubby does not mind at all ;). The affair with the toilet is a bit of a concern (don’t ask!). To find the irony in all of this do read the page Discovering Ms. Desi to find out all about me! (ps: it’s a long one,,,keep like an hour aside…no jokes!)

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